Crystal Rakhi


It’s not just a Rakhi. It’s a wish, it’s a blessing, it’s an amulet!

Made with 4 powerful crystals

Amethyst for Calm, Peace
Citrine for Wealth, Prosperity
Smoky Quartz relieves Stress, Anxiety
Tiger’s Eye brings Protection

Energies that stay with your brother long after the festival is over!

The rakhi will be cleansed with sage before it reaches you. After raksha bandhan, the brother can hold the crystals in his non-dominant hand, cover with the other hand and first thank the crystals for coming into his life. Then set an intention which could be love, prosperity, health or anything else. The crystals are now programmed. They can either be worn as a bracelet or kept in the bag or your sacred space. Their energies will continue working for you.


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