Sea Breeze Wax Tablet


Remember that beach holiday? The wet sand against your toes… trees swaying away… shells kissing your feet… and the breeze hitting your face.. bringing with it a fragrance that made you smile! We have tried to capture that scent in our favourite Scented Wax Tablet… rightly called Sea Breeze! We even decorated it with real seashells and starfish! So the next time you open that closet or drawer… the holiday comes swaying back!

Use as air freshener in closets, drawers, shoe racks and more!

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from heat, direct sunlight, pets and children

We do not recommend using wax tablets in the car, as direct sunlight can melt the wax

Please note that MRP is for 1 tablet.

Although we follow the same design language, each tablet is different as it’s individually handcrafted which makes it unique


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